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Pelso Brevet

Pelso Brevet – the latest Euro Carbon goodness in a high racer.
Available in from Pelso in Hungary, or from Bacchetta in the USA, the two versions share the main frame but have slightly different seat/fork/handlebar arrangements.
Fast, long distance riding in exceptional comfort – the Pelso Brevet.


Pelso Brevet Framesets

Build your own super cruiser from a Frameset, with your choice of running gear and tyres up to 45mm wide (with Pelso CF Tour Disc fork). The Bacchetta spec allows choices from the standard Baccheta range of seat, handle bar and fork options.


Full details from: pelsobrevet.com

Frameset includes: frame, fork, handlebar, riser, stem, riser clamps, seat, seat adaptor plate, seat stays, derailleur hanger, headset, idlers, dropout shims for 130mm rear wheels.

Pelso Frameset
  • FRAME: Pelso Brevet CF Disc (IS2000)
  • BB: BSA / 68mm width
  • HEADSET: 1 1/2" -1 1/8" - tapered
  • FORK: Pelso Brevet CF Road Disc
  • (Flat-mount | 28mm tyre clearance)
  • Pelso Brevet CF Tour Disc
  • (Post-mount | 45mm tyre clearance)
  • SEAT: Pelso Brevet CF
  • SEAT PAD: Pelso Brevet Air-Through seat pad
  • HANDLEBARS: Pelso Brevet AL
  • DROPOUTS: QR 135mm rear / QR 100mm front
  • IDLERS: Double idler set with sealed bearing

Availability: Ex Hungary.

PRICE:From AU$5,600 incl GST and international freight (subject to exchange rate variation).


Full details from: bacchettabikes.com/

Bacchetta Framekit Includes: Frame, Riser and riser clamp (options), Handlebar (options), Seat clamp, Seat stays and pull pins (options) and Idler assembly.

Pelso Bacchetta
  • FRAME: Pelso Brevet CF Disc (IS2000)
  • HANDLEBARS: Wide, Narrow, Narrow Extended Reach
  • (provides 1” extra reach)
  • IDLERS: Bacchetta over/under double idler assembly
  • LOWER SEAT STAYS: 9”, 11”, 13”
  • RISER: Short, Tall, Two-Piece Adjustable
  • (choice of short, medium or long throw riser.
  • Adjustable system for 1 1/8” head tubes only)
  • NOT Included but available to purchase through Bacchetta: Fork, seat, headset, B-Pivot or BFT (headset adjuster), drive train, wheels or braking components.

Availability: Ex USA.

PRICE:From AU$5,800 incl GST and international freight (subject to exchange rate variation).
(Typical fork/seat/B-pivot/BFT options.)

Complete Bike is also available to purchase from Bacchetta.

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