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Email: sales@dtrecumbents.com.au
Phone: 0475 260 468

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DT Recumbents

Company Details

Ditton Trading P/L
Trading As: DT Recumbents Australia
ABN: 56 616 118 417
Redcliffe, Queensland

Manager: James Ditton
Phone: 0475 260 468
Email: sales@dtrecumbents.com.au

About DT Recumbents

DT Recumbents is a family business based in Redcliffe, just north of Brisbane QLD. We are decicated to introducing and expanding the concept of comfortable cycling to all Australians, regardless of age, shape or physical limitations.
No more sore necks and wrists from hunching over; No more squashed "tender bits" and sore butts from hard, tiny saddles.

What we do:
  • Sale of Bacchetta Bike, Performer Recumbent Bikes & Trikes, ICE Trikes, and the Greenspeed Anura Trike
  • Sale of Bacchetta & Performer parts and Accessories
  • Sales and Modifications of Trikes for people with Special Needs
  • Assembly of Recumbent cycles
  • Service of & Advice about Recumbent cycles

About James

I have been riding for most of my life (and yes, my legs are tired!). From the fixed gear/bmx for the ride to school and then onto upright racers for fitness & transport. Cycling has always been my prime form of exercise. I did a couple of the "Great QLD Bike Rides in the '90's - and could barely walk afterwards!

When family came along, I added the kid seat, and then the half-wheeler until they were solo and riding themselves to school. I kept riding, but was never really comfortable. I tried different saddles, handlebars, riding positions.

And then I heard about Recumbent bikes. A bit of research, and then I was the pround owner of a Performer HighRacer. I haven't looked back. I now ride an M5 Carbon HighRacer, and have indoctrinated my teenage son who now alternates between his upright for the school run and his Performer HighRacer for the fun rides.

The wife is a trike fan. She ensures all our newly-assembled trikes are in full working order by giving them a thorough test ride. Still working on the daughter......