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Carbon Bikes

The Carbon Bike offerings!

All prices exclude International Freight & GST

Basso & Basso GS

Carbon Basso small
Carbon Basso ×

PRICE: From US$3500

Availability: ex USA.


The Carbon Basso is designed for shorter riders or for those looking for a performance bike with a slightly less aggressive BB to seat ratio. It is also available in a large frame size or as a framekit. The GS model has Giro specs.

Full details from Bacchetta Bikes

Aero3.0 & Corsa

Carbon Corsa small
Carbon Corsa ×

PRICE: From US$3400

Availability: ex USA.


Carbon forks and frames for the serious rider seeking better performance. The Carbon Aero & Corsa are built off the same frame, just different specs. The Corsa comes with a Euromesh seat with carbon as an option.

Full details from Bacchetta Bikes


carbon muses racer ×

PRICE: From US$3,799

Availability: ex Taiwan.


Carbon Fibre frame, front fork and seat with headrest. It has a Mini bar handlebar, with internal cable route tillerset, and is available with either 105 or Ultegra Disc 22 Speed.

Full details from Performer Cycles

Pelso Brevet

Pelso bike
Pelso Euro bike ×

See our PELSO page

for details & options.


Carbon Fibre frame, front fork and seat.
Available in from Pelso in Hungary, or from Bacchetta in the USA, the two versions share the main frame but have slightly different seat/fork/handlebar arrangements.

Prices are in US dollar and do not include international freight or GST. Domestic Postage and shipping additional at cost.
Terms & Conditions. Email us for full details or to order.