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Pre-Loved Recumbent Trikes

Join the recumbent life - start with a pre-loved recumbent so you can figure out what you really want!

Performer JC20

Trike-JC20 lg ×

PRICE: AU$1750

Ex-DT Recumbents Demonstrator

Worry free riding with this stable and well equipped trike. 20" wheels for a compact design, and a hardshell (Fibreglass - shown) seat. Available in blue. Comes with rear rack, fenders and a mirror.

Available for test ride.

Email us to Order.

Performer Trike E

Trike-E ×

PRICE: AU$1720

Ex-DT Recumbents Demonstrator. Discontinued model.

Entry level without compromise. Indirect steering for that natural action, 27 speed and disc brakes keep the fun under control. Available in Purple or Blue. Choice of hardshell (Fibreglass) or Mesh seat. Comes with rear rack and mirror.

Available for test ride.

Email us to Order.

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