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DT Recumbents, Brisbane’s only recumbent cycle specialist!

DT Recumbents specialises in recumbent bike and trike sales, service and customising, to support the growing recumbent community.
We have a variety of recumbent bikes and trikes available to test ride, as well as a selection in stock along with parts and accessories.
We are a distributor for Bacchetta and Performer Bikes & Trikes, GreenSpeed Trikes
and the Pelso/Brevet bike.

Bacchetta-Bella Performer-JC26X-green Greenspeed-Fat-Magnum Performer-JC20 Performer-LowRacer Dog on GT3 at Christmas

Why Recumbent? Primarily comfort, as the reclined position removes the pressure points associated with traditional upright bikes. Safety and improved performance are also significant and oft cited advantages. Wikipedia has an excellent entry for recumbent cycles and makes good reading for background information.

Owning a recumbent bike takes you a step beyond the common bicycle, and the scope for adjustment and modification makes your bike truly your own. DT Recumbents are here to help with the all important setup and customising of your bike.

If your balance isn't so good, you have mobility issues or just want to try something different, a recumbent trike may be the perfect answer. DT Recumbents can help make your trike your most comfortable set of wheels ever! We can even fit it with an electric assist kit.

Contact us today for a test ride, and let DT Recumbents start you on your Recumbent journey!