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We are a Registered NDIS Provider, No:4050055837.

Options for those with Special Needs

Talk to us with your Health Care professional and we can help select the ideal products from our range of trikes and customisation options.

Single Trikes

GreenSpeed Anura

Anura lg ×

PRICE: From AU$3190

An easy to ride trike with a more upright "kitchen chair" height seat giving you a great view No cross member in front of the seat makes mounting and dismounting easier. Disc breaks and rear differential for sure footed drive. A range of gearing options are available, and the trike is readily adaptable to those with special needs.

Rehatri Trike

Rehatri-OS ×

PRICE: From $1995

A Trike designed for those with special needs, with a high seat for ease of mounting and dismounting. Solid & dependable steel construction. Will give you years of trouble-free cycling.
Underseat or over-seat steering options.
Can be modified for fixed gearing or fitted with electric assist.

Demonstrator available for test ride.


Availability: Email us to Order

GreenSpeed Handcycle

Hand Magnum
Hand Magnum lg Hand Magnum folded ×

PRICE: From $4490

Magnum Handcycle
Front steering with rear-wheel drive, it has a 7005 aluminium alloy folding frame for transport, and folding column to ease entry and exit.
It will take riders up to 180kg (400 lbs), and is suitable for touring, commuting, exercising and just having fun..

Prices are Australian dollar and subject to change without notice. AUD prices include GST. Domestic postage and shipping additional at cost. Terms & Conditions. Enquire for full details.

Tandems & Trailers

Performer Tandem Family

Performer Tandem
Performer-Tandem-angle-view ×

PRICE: From $3000

Upright section of the bike for adults up to 170cm tall.
Recumbent seat at the front is limited to riders a maximum of 150cm tall.

Full details from Performer.

Availability: Email us to Order

Delta Trike Tandem

Tandem with delta trikes
Tandem-Deltas ×

PRICE: From $6500

This Tandem is made up of two delta-style trikes such as the GreenSpeed Anura. The front wheel is removed and the forks attach to the rear of the lead trike. The removed wheel can be stored behind the seat so the trikes can become indepentent again easily.

Availability: Email us to Order


bike trailer sm
bike trailer lg ×


Trikes can be hooked up with any 2 or 3 wheeled bike trailer that attaches to the rear axel. There are trailers made for cargo, pets, children, even adults on occasion! Check out our options:

Baby-Trailers ×
Cargo-Trailers ×
Pet-Trailers ×

Talk to us about your special needs.

Customisation Options

Crank Shortening

100mm-cranks lg ×

Shortening of the pedal Crank for those with restricted knee movement.

One Hand Operation

OneHandOp ×

All gears and breaks on one handlebar. A wrist rest is an option for the non-functioning arm.

Foot/Leg Supports

foot support

Customised holders and supports for the foot and leg. We can adapt our design to suit your needs.

Stick Stowage

crutch-stowage lg ×

Storage for crutches or walking stick, so you can take them with you. Easy clip in and out.

Electric Assist

E-assist-kit ×

Electric Assist kits can be fitted to almost any trike. Maximum power 200w to assist you to 25kph. Throttle on the handlebars.

Grab Handles

grab bar ×

Bar-end type handles to aid getting in and out of tadpole trikes. A mirror can be mounted on the end of the bar.

Alternative Gearing

Alternative gearing
Mountain Drive & IGH ×

The best gearing for your needs - Fixed gears, Internal Gear Hub (IGH), Single Chain Rings. Talk to us for options.

Kiddie Crank

Anura Kiddie Crank ×

A bolt on crank adaption to make the Anura suitable for children. Move it back as they grow and remove when out-grown.

Talk to us today about your particular requirements!